Thursday, 12 July 2012

Grant Morrison's Batman Reading Order

This page is more of a place holder as I make my way through the series myself and work out what I think the reading order should be.
I. Batman and Son
Consists of two arcs; the first introduces Batman's son Damien and sees Talia, his mother, as the villain, the second introduces three alternate batmen that seem slightly familiar to Batman. There is a one-shot between the two arcs that deals with the Joker and is written in overly descriptive flowery prose, I think this comic is quite polarising; you will either love it or hate it.

Interlude: The Black Casebook
A collection of comics from the fifties and sixties that were the inspiration for Batman R.I.P. but give a good background for The Black Glove too; I think there are parts of TBG that you wont understand fully unless you have first read The Black Casebook. Whilst dealing with the other batmen in Batman and Son Batman mentions an old case in The Black Casebook, but for some reason this tale isn't included in The Black Casebook that is for sale.

II. The Black Glove
Again consists of two arcs. The first arc involves the 'batmen of many nations', from The Black Casebook, in a murder mystery on an isolated island and introduces the possibility of a Black Glove Society; a person or persons who have calculated Batman's every weakness and are closing in for the kill. The second half deals with the third batman introduced in Batman and Son and further fleshes out the back story of them all. Also, the face behind some of the unseen machinations is revealed.

III. Batman R.I.P. and Last Rites
The Black Glove’s sinister pan is unleashed on Batman and his allies in Gotham City. Bruce is driven insane as the groups machinations come into fruition as old plans and long laid traps are sprung. The retail version of Batman R.I.P. that I bought also contains Last Rites which are two comics that together bridge the gap between Batman R.I.P. and final crisis. I don’t want to spoil Last Rites, so I will only say that, in it Batman recounts the major events leading up to the present, but also mixes in some amusing what-if like scenarios too.

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